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The VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS is suitable for all high-temperature sinter firings of any type of dental ceramic substructure materials, such as Zr02 and Al2O3, and is also presented in the new, awarded VITA "New Generation" design. With the latest features in the field of firing technology, the high-speed sintering furnace guarantees top-quality results and careful sintering with a cooling temperature down to 400 °C in three freely selectable modes. The high-speed mode can be used to sinter bridge substructures of 1 to 9 units in 80 min. The furnace can be operated with the VITA vPad comfort, VITA vPad excellence or VITA vPad clinical control units. The fast, compact, ergonomic, modern and quite VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS is the perfect product for each user and guarantees workflow required for a smile in one day. 


  • Homogenous distribution of heat inside the sintering chamber
  • Fully automatic calibration with guaranteed temperature accuracy (VITA Autoadjust)
  • An extended service life and long-term energy-saving operation (VITA Energy Efficiency)
  • Gentle sintering of all conventional materials such as white and highly-translucent industrially and manually pre-colored zirconia in all operating modes for consistent and convincing firing results
  • HighSpeed sintering in 80 minutes (VITA HighSpeed)
  • HighSpeed sintering of bridge frameworks with up to 14 units
  • Sintering of all ceramic dental framework materials based on ZrO2 and Al2O3
  • Gentle, stress-free sintering in all modes through controlled cooling to 400°C
  • Integrated low-temperature pre-drying (VITA PreDry) with a seamless transition to the sintering program
  • Optional modular system upgrades for greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness

In order to operate the furnace, you will need one or more VITA vPad control units.

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